The Devotions group is studying the Acts of the Apostles. Please join us on Tuesday mornings for this study led by Dn James.

We will follow this general outline of 13 sessions.

Sometimes we may not get through each “session,” or, we may spill over into the next depending on the pace of our reading.

We will provide some hand-outs to aid us in following and learning the “stories” that we will be reading.

We will use the Orthodox Study Bible as the Main Text to Read Together

  1. Chapters 1 – 2                    Ascension and Pentecost
  1. Chapters 3 – 5                    Peter and John Healing and Arrested
  1. Chapters 6 – 7                   Crowned Stephen and the Deacons
  1. Chapters 8 – 9.31             Philip, Ethiopia, and the Conversion of Saul
  1. Chapters 9.32 – 12           Peter, Cornelius, and the Gentiles
  1. Chapters 13 – 14              Barnabus and Paul
  1. Chapter 15                          The Council of Jerusalem
  1. Chapters 16 – 17              Paul, Silas, Who?
  1. Chapters 18 – 19               Paul in Corinth and Ephesus
  1. Chapters 20 – 21.25        Paul goes back to Jerusalem
  1. Chapters 21.26 – 23        Paul Arrested and Tried
  1. Chapters 24 – 26              Paul Before Felix, Festus, and Agrippa
  1. Chapters 27 – 28               Paul wants to get to Rome

I have listed a few suggested commentaries that are Not necessary to read, but we may refer to them from time to time.

Suggested Commentaries for Those interested (Not Required)“The Acts of the Apostles: Spreading the Word,” Lawrence Farley, available through Ancient Faith Radio or“The Venerable Bede Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles” available on“The Whole Counsel of God,” Acts, Podcast by Stephen DeYoung, available on Ancient Faith Radio, or I-tunes.