Construction Update! Main Floor!

In this photo from the afternoon of December 18, you can see that the lower level is done, the upper level floor is done, the columns for the temple are standing, the ICF upper level/temple walls are going up, and the steel for the base of the dome sits in the foreground, awaiting installation. Glory be to God for all things!

Placing Momentos / Blessing of our New Church’s Foundation

This morning many of us entered the new church under construction in Fishers for the first time. The first floor walls are up, and today the crew was pouring the concrete slab wall to wall. We laid the cross that had been set up for the land blessing/groundbreaking in the ground under where the altar will be. Then everyone was invited to place icons, photos and mementos on and around it. It was really a moving experience. Among the items placed were soil from St. Herman's grave and a piece of cloth that had been laid on the tomb of Christ in the Church of the Resurrection in Jerusalem. The crew came right behind us to cover everything in concrete. You can see a set of photos here.