Stainless Steel for the Skin of the Dome

This is a sample that was shown in church today of the Titanium Nitride stainless steel for the skin of the dome on the new church. It will keep this gold color and mirror finish until the Second Coming, never tarnishing. In the reflection, you can tell that Fr. Radoslav likes it!

Dome Construction

Assembling the dome on the ground. A crane will lift the completed dome atop the building sometime in March, we expect. When we get closer, we’ll let everyone know about this big event, so you’ll be able to come and watch.

Feb 1 Construction Update

The inner walls (for the temple) being complete, the outer walls are going up and almost complete as well. In this view you can see through the main outer door, through the narthex, and through the main door, into the temple. The space between the inner and outer walls is a hallway and inclement weather processional, the main lobby area, the area where the stained glass icons from the old church will be backlit and embedded into the walls as a gallery, the narthex, cry room, offices, vestry, etc.
The wider door that you see here in the corner of the building will lead from the covered passenger drop-off area into the main foyer. From here you can go into the temple, the office area or down the stairs/elevator to the fellowship hall. Take a look at the drawing in the top left corner of this message: can you now identify the doors and windows in the drawing and see where they are in these construction photos? Do you see how the lower/outer walls will then be capped with a sloping red roof to meet the inner walls, which are now full height? From here they too will be topped with a sloping roof until it meets the dome.

Dome installation

The photo at left shows the first ‘rib’ of the dome being installed. The dome will be fully assembled on the ground, including the gold-colored stainless steel skin and the cross on top.Another small dome will be assembled similarly for the bell tower, and a half dome will be assembled for the sanctuary apse.
A crane will then lift the finished domes into place (likely in early March).
While the drawing at the top of this page depicts the west view of the new church, the photo at left shows the church’s south face. Thus you see the bell tower to the left. Note the large opening in the daylight lower level that leads out to the patio and theatre seating.The high boom you see here is pumping concrete into the wall forms.

10 صباحا، السبت، 19 يانايركانون الثاني – القدّاس الالهي باللغة العربية DIVINE…

‫10 صباحا، السبت، 19 يانايركانون الثاني – القدّاس الالهي باللغة العربية
With such a wonderfully diverse community, we use the common language, English, on Sundays, especially taking our youth into consideration. Nevertheless, we have some recent immigrants who are more comfortable praying in Arabic and a number of new families who have fled the violence in Syria, and we are pleased to welcome them and to serve all.
Note: This Liturgy and all services are still at the old church location: 4020 N. Sherman Drive, Indianapolis.‬